Singulier: French masculine noun. From the Latin singularis ("unique, special").

From the XIXth century interlace balustrades adorning the mansion’s façade to the charm of its private garden; from the clinking of delicate glassware to the hushed murmur of its quietly refined corridors… Le Singulier is primarily an address for those in-the-know. An elegant boarding house then a chic upmarket brothel, these Parisian walls have stood the test of time and have many a story to tell.

Now enjoying a new lease of life, this Boutique Hotel boasts just eight rooms, which combined with a relaxing spa and a designer bar guarantees a myriad of magical moments.  Fifties-style English Tweed, brightly coloured resins, witches’ mirrors and intricate chandeliers… The colours, materials and unique objects form a harmony of contrasts resulting in elegant and inspired surroundings wherever the gaze falls.

Totally irresistible, in a league of its own… The Poncet Family’s hotel is truly one of a kind.